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Customer Service

What is the difference between digital and offset printing?
Digital printing is generally used when printing smaller quantities. This is because there is much more time and cost involved with preparing for an offset (printing press) job. Offset printing is used for larger quantities where the higher cost of setup is justified by the lower cost of production per piece. Smaller quantities (under 1000) are printed digitally.
What kind of files can I submit?
We accept PDF files only -- preferably PDFx:1a files because they support transparencies. We accept other files, but you may be subject to a file conversion fee which varies. The ideal specs are as follows: 300 dpi (resolution), with a 1/8th-inch bleed and a 1/4 inch text safety.  
What is bleed?
Bleed is the 1/8" extra added to each edge of an artwork file. For instance, a standard business card should be submitted at 3.75"x2.25". The cutting process in printing is not absolutely perfect so the extra 1/8" is just in case the cut is off a tiny bit. You will see the bleed rather than the white line from the unprinted paper.
What are internal margins?
This is the opposite of a bleed. Text should not be placed within 1/4" of the cut line.
What does AQ coating mean?
AQ is short for Aqueous is a Semi-Gloss coating and is a water-based varnish applied to your job during the printing process. The aqueous coating gives a matte gloss finish to the final product.
What does UV coating mean?
UV is short for Ultraviolet and is a coating applied over the finished print product. UV coating gives the product a high-quality glossy sheen.
Will I receive Proofs before printing?
Typically we send proofs by email only, but if you would like to see a hard copy proof printed from our digital Minolta printer, we can do that for an additional cost.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all credit cards (Amex is subject to a processing fee) or electronic payments via PayPal or debit. We do not accept checks.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is calculated in the shopping cart. Our prices are competitive.
Are your prices seasonal and will they change in the short-term future?
Our advertised prices are not seasonal. They are our regular prices.
Do you offer Thermography (Raised ink printing)?
Unfortunately, we do not offer Thermography since it is a printing technique that has been discontinued.
Do you only use 14pt Gloss Cover C2S or you have other choices for paper?
14pt Gloss Cover C2S is our standard stock, however, we print in other types of stocks:
Here are the type of stocks that are most demanded by our customers:
Traditional Stocks:
10pt. Gloss Cover C2S & C1S (Gloss or Silk)
12pt. Gloss Cover C2S & C1S (Gloss or Silk)
14pt. Gloss Cover C2S & C1S (Gloss or Silk)
16pt. Gloss Cover C2S 100lb.
Uncoated Cover 130lb. Uncoated Cover
Special Stocks:
80lb. Laid Cover Uncoated
100lb. Laid Cover Uncoated
130lb. Cougar Smooth Cover 80lb. & 100lb.

80lb. Vía Linen Cover Uncoated
100lb. Vía Linen Cover Uncoated  
Can I Get a Corporate Account (net 30 payment)?
Unfortunately, at the moment we are not offering Net 30 accounts.
Do you offer embossing?
Yes, we currently offer Raised Spot UV and Raised Metallic Foil (Gold or Silver)
How much would be added to the cost if we need a Pantone matched?
It depends. If the PMS needs to be accurate, the pocket folder will need to be printed with a PMS ink, so if the pocket folder is already 4/0 CMYK, we will have to quote a 4/0 CMYK + PMS ink. We will need the number of the PMS in the area or a digital sample. Most PMS are not achievable under CMYK. However, the PMS Bridge color card will show an equivalent. If you want us to match the equivalent (which is usually a CMYK combination), the added cost is $85.
Do you offer 3D raised UV Folders?
Yes, we offer Folders with Raised UV
Where should I send a sample for Color Match?
The address where you should send the samples is:
159 Mary Street
Brantford, ON N3S 3C1
Can I order a Hard Copy proof before I place my order online?
Yes, the Hard Copy proof complimentary when you place an order and we only charge $15 to cover the UPS Envelope charges. If you order a Hard Copy proof by itself the cost is $35.
Can you ship a sample kit and blind ship it directly to my customer?
Although we can blind ship any order, since the boxes are not marked, the sample kit is the only product that cannot be blind ship since the box is customized with our brand.
What is our Return Policy?
All sales are final. Every print job is carefully inspected before it is shipped from our facility. If there is an issue with your job, or if it’s damaged upon receipt, please contact us within ten business days after your package arrives. All claims MUST be made within ten days of receiving your order. Shipping charges are non-refundable unless the product is lost or delayed by the shipping courier. Returned products must be returned in full for a refund. Should your print job contain manufacturing errors and/or defects, we will return and ship a new job at no charge.
Wholesalepocketfolders reserves the exclusive right to judge what a manufacturing error and/or defect is. On a case by case basis we will investigate and determine if the damage was due to negligence on our part. Please contact our Customer Relations Department at (800) 746-1210 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5:30pm EST so we can handle your request.